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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Facebook is allowing advertisers to use your info

This might have been long happening, but I recently received word that Facebook has been allowing third-party advertisers to use your photos, personal feeds and event notifications so that they can advertise their ware to your network or friends.

So many have been asking the same question for quite some time now. How is Facebook going to make money? People say that there's no good way to really monetize the social networking site. Others say that it's in advertising. Well, as far as I can see they are trying.

The question whether to whom uploaded information (like photos, notes, articles, feeds, etc.) belongs to is a debate better discussed elsewhere. However, I doubt that anyone would like the idea of their own data being used by third parties, advertisers for that matter, to further their own gains - seemingly without express permission to boot.

Sure, this might have been in the original terms of usage agreement. But hey, everyone (I mean everyone including Facebook) knows that no one ever reads those long winded legalese novellas. You either check the I Agree box, or you don't sign up at all. So, with this in mind, express permission should have been sought before this is allowed.

Fortunately, there's is a way to turn it off. It's buried beneath a few settings pages, but it's there.

What Facebook should have done is to have this off by default, instead of on. They could have asked later on whether users want their stuff used or not. I'm sure there would have been people who won't mind. After all, there's a whole cadre of guys and gals on the site who are just looking for exposure.

So here's how to turn it off. First, go to your Account Settings page (it's found in the dropdown options from the Settings button, near the top of any Facebook page, beside the Logout button).

When you're in Account Settings, scroll down and look for "Privacy" in the Settings tab then click Manage. This brings you to the Privacy settings page.

Select News Feeds and Wall, then click on the Facebook Ads tab. There, choose "No one" in the Appearance in Facebook Ads dropdown.


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